Friday, November 16, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Skills

Nonverbal is a important communication skill for police officer. Police officers use nonverbal skills every day we rely on are skills to keep themselves and citizens out of danger. Pinizzotto & Davis (1999) says, “A police officer's safety is dependent on their ability to nonverbally establish authority and dominance when working with the public in instances such as routine traffic stops”. Ways a police officer can insure their safety is through physical body language, hand signals and direct eye contact. Another way of communicating nonverbally is that police officers are mainly identifiable by the uniform they wear and the appearance of the car they drive

Pinizzotto, A. J., Davis, E. F. (June, 1999). Offenders' Perceptual Shorthand: What Messages Are Law Enforcement Officers Sending to Offenders? [Electronic version]. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 68, 1-4.


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